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Top 5 tips for planning a launch event : Fugu PR

Top 5 tips for planning a launch event

September 4, 2015 12:22 pm Published by

A list of essential considerations for a successful launch night

Planning a launch event can be a real challenge, but with a bit of organisation and a great venue, you can make it one to remember.

  1. Get organised

The event might be at the top of your to-do list, but it won’t necessarily be at the forefront of your guests’ minds. Get your invites out at least three weeks in advance, keep a guest list and send reminders during the week leading up to the event. Be sure to include a contact telephone number, directions and a map.

It’s likely that people will come straight from the office, so make sure there’s plenty of food and drink. Vegetarian and non-alcoholic options are must-haves.

  1. Know your space

Find out the capacity of your venue, and make the most of the space. It’s important to fill it, but there should be room for networking too. Don’t rely solely on outdoor space in case it rains! If the sun shines, it’s a bonus.

  1. Make it social

Events are a great way to maximise your client’s social media presence. Create a custom hashtag for the event and encourage guests to tweet about it. Post pictures on Instagram and Facebook pages too, making sure people know to tag themselves.

  1. The finer details

Try to visualise every aspect of the event and, more importantly, what could be missing. Do you have enough glasses? Will staff be on hand to serve drinks? If you have a photographer attending, make sure they are fully briefed and know what the focus of the event should be.

  1. Dont forget the follow-up

It’s over and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief! But get in early the next day to do all the necessary follow up. Arrange for your photographer to send you a few choice photos. If you’re sending a press release, get it out straight away with a link to the images. While your client is still buzzing from a well-executed event, send them a recap documenting the success.

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This post was written by Ami Sibbick