We believe in diversity. Our aim is to create this through who we are and what we do. The more diverse our backgrounds, the more knowledge we can offer. The greater the diversity of our work, the more we will learn. This enables us to provide our clients with the most open and creative thinking, accessing the widest possible range of ideas and approaches.

Every client is different. All of our campaigns are different. But each one starts with a blank page where anything is possible. Here are some of the things we do.

Reputation management and brand building

Building brand awareness and reputation is the drive behind everything we do. Working together with our clients, we develop the plans, techniques, tools and narratives that will get people talking and thinking about their brand.

Campaign Strategy

We will develop campaign themes and brand messages and then produce the plans and strategies to deliver them.

Content creation and brand storytelling

We identify and create the stories, features, films, blogs, reports and articles that help position the brand and raise its profile, creating conversations with the audience, both in print and online.

Digital strategy

Developing a digital profile is no longer something that any business can ignore. We develop the strategies that maximise a brand’s online presence and help reach its target communities.

Digital community engagement and social media

Social media is integral to many of our campaigns. It enables direct contact with target audiences, sparking ideas and conversations that engage customers and stakeholders alike.

Media, stakeholder and influencer engagement

These are the people whose opinion has a direct impact on a brand’s reputation. We identify and reach them, using the full array of tools, including social media, press releases, feature planning and media briefings. Nurturing strong relationships with key journalists, bloggers, opinion leaders and influencers is essential to long term success.


Events attract people. People talk. We organise product and brand launches, conferences and media stunts. We also work with many trade and consumer event brands, delivering media campaigns, creating event stories and conversations and running press offices, to ensure an efficient and effective experience for all attending media.

Crisis management

No matter what, it can sometimes happen. We are fully experienced in delivering a crisis campaign to minimise the damage to a brand’s reputation.

Speaker programmes

Be it conferences, webinars, seminars or presentations, we identify effective speaker platforms, secure slots and help write and develop presentations to establish your business as a leading industry thinker.

PR training

We are experienced teachers, having lectured on PR in universities and delivered in-house training for many clients.