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Fugu premieres Radio // Future Sounds in partnership with totallyradio : Fugu PR

Fugu premieres Radio // Future Sounds in partnership with totallyradio

October 6, 2015 11:46 am Published by

New Brighton Digital Festival event explores the future of radio

24 September saw the inaugural Radio // Future Sounds, Fugu’s new event produced and curated in partnership with totallyradio.

The event, part of Brighton Digital Festival 2015, explored the way new digital technologies are opening up opportunities in broadcasting and communication. From spoken word and podcasting, to art installations and music, the day featured presentations and panel discussions, as well as a live video interview with San Francisco based digital audio tour firm Detour.

As our host for the day Chris T-T said, in our increasingly busy and saturated lives, radio as a media channel still has huge potential because “…you don’t have to look at a screen to consume it”.

The entire event was live-streamed by totallyradio and you can listen to it again at https://totallyradio.com/shows/radio-future-sounds or view the audience response at #RadioFS.


Nats Spada, from totallyradio, setting up. 


Daniel Nathan, totallyradio and Andrew Mailing, MetaHub and Connectica.


Chris T-T introducing the first Radio // Future Sounds.


The explosion of the podcast: the first panel discussion moderated by Chris T-T, featuring David Bramwell, musician, broadcaster and writer, 
Emma Grinfeld and Leonore Schick from Very Loose Women podcast and Resonance FM, Todd Jordan, content analyst at Brilliant Noise, 
Dr Martin Spinelli, senior lecturer in the School of Media, Film and Music at the University of Sussex. 

Listen again: https://totallyradio.com/shows/radio-future-sounds/episodes/the-podcast-explosion-24-sept-2015


Live interview hosted by Natalie Lloyd, with San Francisco based strategist Haris Butt from location-aware storytelling audio guide, Detour.

Listen again: https://totallyradio.com/shows/radio-future-sounds/episodes/in-conversation-with-detour-24-sept-2015.


Talking over lunch: Chris T-T with some Brighton-based panelists and guests.


Live music from Dog In The Snow @doginthesnowuk


Interviewing panelists Emma Grinfield and Leonore Shick from Resonance FM/Very Loose Women podcast


In conversation with London’s next generation radio: Ben Fairclough, station manager at Radar Radio, 
Neil Bopperson from Wah Wah 45s and co-founder at Yam Radio, plus
 Aly Gillani at First Word Records and co-founder at Yam Radio.

Listen again: https://totallyradio.com/shows/radio-future-sounds/episodes/londons-next-generation-radio-24-sept-2015


In conversation with the Radio Revolutionaries: Dominik Prosser, co-founder at London Fields Radio; MarshmeLLo, broadcaster at NTS and Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, production coordinator and assistant programming at NTS. Moderated by musician and broadcaster James Fox.

Listen again: https://totallyradio.com/shows/radio-future-sounds/episodes/radio-revolutionaries-24-sept-2015.


The Future Of Radio: the big debate led by journalist Chris Cooke, featuring Rosie James, head of press and radio promotions at Tru Thoughts; 
Dave Cawley, co-founder of FatCat; Graham Luckhurst, founder and senior partner from Out To Sea and head of digital at Mr Bongo; 
Gideon Mountford, head of video UK at Believe Digital; and 
Tim Parker, designer/developer from Mixcloud and broadcaster at NTS. Also speaking was Ben Fairclough, station manager at Radar Radio; 
Dominik Prosser, co-founder of London Fields Radio; Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura, production coordinator and assistant programming at NTS plus MarshmeLLo, broadcaster at NTS.

Listen again: https://totallyradio.com/shows/radio-future-sounds/episodes/the-future-of-radio-round-table-24-sept-2015


Future Radio Brighton was moderated by Daniel Nathan, founder of totallyradio and co-founder/chairman of Juice Brighton.  Panelists included 
Mickey Jukes, co-founder at 1BrightonFM; 
Eleanor Dobing, director at Radio Reverb; 
Peter Lanceley, station manager at Resonance Extra; Secret Lemonade Drinker, founder of Codesouth.fm and 
Nicholas Werren, broadcaster from University Radio Falmer.

Listen again: https://totallyradio.com/shows/radio-future-sounds/episodes/future-radio-brighton-24-sept-2015

Big thanks to:

Neil Bopperson @yamradio @NeilBopperson

David Bramwell @drbramwell

BITBIN (aka Matt Hodson) @BITBIN

Haris Butt @detour @haaaaaaris

Dave Cawley @FatCatRecords

Chris Cooke @ChrisUnLimited @CMU

Chris T-T @christt


Dog In The Snow @doginthesnowuk

Eleanor Dobing @radioreverb

Ben Fairclough @BFairclough @RadarRadioLDN

James Fox @Fox1038 @totallybrighton

Aly Gillani @yamradio @djgilla

Emma Grinfeld & Leonore Schick @VLWRadio

Magz Hall @Radio_Mind

Rosie James @tru_thoughts @DecPromotions

Todd Jordan @toddsjordan

Mickey Jukes @1brightonradio

Peter Lanceley @resonancefm

Natalie Lloyd @natalie_l_lloyd

Graham Luckhurst @gjluckhurst @outtoseadigital @therealmrbongo

MarshmeLLo @marshmello7s @NTSlive

Gideon Mountford @believedigital

Rashid Mustapha @rash1974

Daniel Nathan @totallyradio @juicebrighton

Tim Parker @timparker @mixcloud

Dominik Prosser @ldnfieldsradio

Secret Lemonade Drinker @Codesouth

Darrel H Sheinman @GearboxRecords

Dr Martin Spinelli @exilewriter

Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura @tabithabang @NTSlive

Nicholas Werren @urfofficial

Patterns (for providing the venue)

SharpStream (for livestreaming)

Fly Creative (for a short film – coming soon)

Brighton Digital Festival (our event is one part of the UK’s biggest digital festival)

and Ella Thomas


Images by Lucy Evers, Anneka Warburton and Tony Felstead

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