Why we are a Living Wage Employer

We all need to live. But what do we need to live? Think about it and make a list. It will be long and personal, it may be spiritual or practical, but when it is stripped down to its bare essentials, somewhere, right near the top, will be money.

Now imagine a society where getting your first step on the career ladder requires you to work for free. To invest your time, energy and commitment for nothing other than experience. It should be impossible. After all, we have already established that we all need money to live. Only it’s not impossible, because it is the society we live in now.

At Fugu all of our internships have always paid the living wage. We want to give opportunities to the best candidates, not just those who are lucky enough to be able to work for free.

We are quite passionate about this. We could go on.

In fact we have.

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