Generating buzz in the digital community

Guevara is a new digital start-up that is changing the way insurance works – and changing the industry for good. Using a peer-to-peer sharing economy model, they provide an online platform that allows users to pool their premiums as a group, in order to ultimately save money.

With Brighton’s rapidly expanding tech scene (the highest density of digital companies in the UK), and strong support for start-up businesses (the highest number of start-ups per capita outside of London), Guevara identified the city as the ideal trial location. In Summer 2015, Guevara’s team of co-founders set up a base in Brighton to undergo an initial phase of customer research and testing.

From June to September 2015 Fugu worked closely with Guevara to help generate awareness of the new start-up amongst potential customer communities and build their connections in Brighton’s vibrant tech community.

Fugu generated awareness with news and feature coverage in the local press, and built business connections with a programme of speaker opportunities for Guevara’s spokespeople at relevant business networking events.

The Guevara business model is grounded firmly in the sharing and trust economy, and this meant engaging customers who are part of a community or group. With strong ties to the Brighton business and cultural scene, a big part of the project involved introducing potential communities to the new platform.

This was achieved with a series of targeted awareness-building events, for communities including the Brighton sea swimmers and the Brighton Maker Club. These introductions were also later used to develop marketing case studies.

The campaign helped generate awareness of Guevara’s move to Brighton, it created customer communities case studies and built its first customer groups (the campaign’s main objective).

The campaign also developed greater understanding of the new start-up and its broader place in the p2p sharing economy and has supported the brand’s profile building in the fintech sector here and in the US.