Burning the Clocks

Raising awareness of funding challenges for a nationally renowned local festival

Burning the Clocks is an annual lantern parade held in Brighton on the winter solstice. Organised by arts charity Same Sky, the event relies on donations from local organisations. However, due to changes in arts funding, Burning the Clocks will require even greater support from the Brighton community to survive beyond 2014.

Our task was to create as much noise as possible around three key activities: the crowdfunding campaign, a partnership with the Brilliant Brighton scheme and an extra day of events funded by the council.

Working with Same Sky, we helped raise awareness of the financial difficulties faced by Burning the Clocks, whilst highlighting the many local organisations that already contribute. We also secured a series of newspaper, radio and television interviews, to tell the story of the founding of the event, a modern tradition formed 21 years ago by Brighton residents as a response to the commercial nature of the Christmas period.

This year’s parade was a huge success, with Same Sky reporting the largest crowd to date. And, with our support, the crowdfunding campaign exceeded the required funding target by 80% and collections on the night exceeded £5,500.

“Fugu completely understood the difficult and varied the challenges we were facing with both the crowdfunding campaign and public confusion about the event’s funding. With Fugu’s help, the real story behind Burning the Clocks has been told and Brighton has rallied in support. Their experience, local knowledge, connections and endless enthusiasm has been invaluable to us as a charity and with Fugu’s help Burning the Clocks 2014 has been a great success.”

John Varah, artistic director, Same Sky