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Brighton’s best start-ups win residency at FIELD : Fugu PR

Brighton’s best start-ups win residency at FIELD

March 3, 2016 5:26 pm Published by

Seven makers win a place in FIELD – the temporary rent-free workshops at the Preston Barracks site in Brighton.

The FIELD project aims to empower Brighton and Hove’s entrepreneurial makers, inventors and product designers, by giving them around 12 months free access to a diverse workspace to develop and bring their projects to market.

The businesses moving in to FIELD over the next few weeks are The Bug Boys, Play Talk Learn, Intrepid Camera, Control Freq, Flux Cycle Works, Rogue Saddler and Union Motion.

The temporary FIELD residencies will help determine what facilities and support Brighton and Hove’s entrepreneurial community need and will be incorporated within the new buildings when construction begins.

Fugu is currently working with FIELD and the chosen businesses to build awareness of the project.

Image : David McHugh / Brighton Pictures 07768 721637

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